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  • Dr. Bernard A. Jones, earns a Doctor of Science (DSc.) degree in Civil Security, Leadership, Management, and Policy from New Jersey City University

    Dr. Bernard A. Jones, a certified business continuity professional at Novartis Business Services,...


  • Association of Contingency Planners and Disaster Recovery Institute Renew Industry Partnership

    The Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) is pleased to announce the Disaster Recovery...


  • Women of ACP: Get Connected

    A new opportunity for the women of ACP! Connect and interact with fellow women BCP professionals...


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ACP's Fund for the Future was created to grow our membership and thereby ensure ACP's future and financial stability.The Fund for the Future and the ensuing membership campaign will secure ACP's long-term viability by expanding our presence, expertise and strength in numbers. Interested in contributing as a chapter or individual? Email us today at

Thank You Fund for the Future Supporters!

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  • Connecticut Chapter
  • Greater Boston Chapter
  • Alamo Chapter
  • South Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Washington DC
  • Eastern Great Lakes
  • Mid Penn
  • ACP Members
  • Bonnie Canal, Southeast Louisiana Chapter, National Board Chair
  • Mike Morganti, Greater Tampa Bay Area Chapter, National Secretary
  • Cheyene Marling, Orange County Chapter, National Board Member
  • Molly Latham, Los Angeles Chapter, National Board Member
  • Bernard Jones, Garden State Chapter, National Board Member
  • Mike Gifford, Alamo Chapter
  • Ed Goldberg, Connecticut Chapter
  • Mike Thomson, South Texas Chapter
  • Eric Goldman, NYC Metro Chapter
  • Joseph Van De Loo, ACP National
  • Kathleen Van De Loo, ACP National
  • Douglas Fleming, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
  • Susan Eiguren, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
  • Royal Bennett, Mid South TN Chapter
  • Susan Barry, Greater Boston Chapter
  • David Kaye, Connecticut Chapter
  • Rachel McKenna, North Texas Chapter
  • Robert Puppa, Washington DC
  • Laura Steward, Michigan Chapter
  • Lawrence Schafer, Washington DC Chapter
  • Ed Eaton, Hampton Roads Chapter
  • Scott Ream, NYC Metro Chapter
  • Mark Colomb, ACP National
  • Kayleen Duffy, ACP National
  • David Tedford, Greater Boston Chapter
  • Angela Mestre, South Texas Chapter
  • Glenn Johnson, Liberty Valley Chapter
  • Martha Mireles, Alamo Chapter
  • Ray Bonilla, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
  • Karel Kunz, Greater Boston Chapter
  • Linus Hart, Greater Boston Chapter
  • Neil Smith, First State Chapter
  • Ralphi Petti, First State Chapter
  • Gail Ballinger, Orange County Chapter
  • Adina Roberts, Los Angeles Chapter
  • Pamela Smallwood, South Texas Chapter
  • Michael Smith, Central Maryland Chapter
  • William Austin, Connecticut Chapter
  • Richard Rehak, Garden State Chapter
  • Melorie Acevedo, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
  • Mark Wexler, Connecticut Chapter
  • Eric Olson, Mid Florida Chapter
  • Richard Wildman, Connecticut Chapter
  • John Vittrup, ACP National
  • Mark Burns, Greater Boston Chapter
  • Sally Hewitt, Liberty Valley Chapter
  • Charlene Henwood, Sacramento
  • John Hernandez, NYC Metro Chapter
  • Susan Moury, Central Maryland Chapter
  • Rose Jones, Garden State Chapter
  • Carl Simmons, Mid Penn Chapter
  • William Schlameuss, NYC Metro Chapter
  • Steven White, Greater Tampa Bay Area Chapter
  • Mark Kern, Eastern Great Lakes Chapter
  • Paul Franchak, Atlanta Chapter
  • Dock Allen, Central Maryland Chapter
  • Raymond Ferrara, Hampton Roads Chapter
  • Cheryl Barker, Connecticut Chapter
  • Steve Gruber, Atlanta Chapter
  • Patricia Knowles, Liberty Valley Chapter
  • Mike Ecks, San Diego Chapter
  • Tammy Biggerstaff, Greater Tampa Bay Area Chapter
  • Bruce Turner, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
  • John Sipp, Greater Boston Chapter
  • James Wollin, NYC Metro Chapter
  • Betcy Elie, Los Angeles Chapter
  • Marilyn Nikolas, Columbia River Chapter

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